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my black & white world

i miss you.

1 October
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She is an 18 year old girl who obsesses more than she should. Even though she loves many people who will never know she ever existed in this world, she still holds her family& friends first and loves them very dearly. A Witch, Vampire, & Shadowhunter all in one, she enjoys playing games and uses her imagination to its fullest [whatever that ' fullest ' may be ]. She loves to read/watch/write about her fandoms, way more than a usual person. Don't be alarmed. Although she may be an addicted teen, she's not as crazy as ... some people. Other than a dreamer, she also loves to Photoshop random pictures together. Hanging out with her friends is a must even though it may not happen often, she enjoys the time she spends time with them anyway. Memories and Pictures is love as well as smiling and laughing. She is usually found smiling and laughing with friends, at something, or anything. She loves to make friends as well as be one, for you.

July 18, 2010

Sorted as an awesome Hufflepuff at hogwartsishome .
currently still a baby badger ♥
{ wear }

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